///Visible results from the very 1st session


Targeted treatments

Targeted Areas

Forehead, Eyes: Anti-Wrinkle; Eyes: Puffiness and Dark Circles; Mouth; Double Chin; Facial Contours; Neck; Décolleté; Hands

Duration 10min|£20.00 



Classic treatments


Gently exfoliates and reactivates microcirculation to even out the complexion and improve skin brightness

Duration 15min|£30.00 


Drains toxins and “reoxygenates” the skin for a purified, radiant complexion

Duration 20min|£40.00

Décolleté & Bust

Redensifies tissue, fills in wrinkles, and firms skin for a visibly smooth décolleté

Duration 25min|£50.00 

Age-defying replumping, firming, refining

Harmonizes face volumes, restores skin density while filling out wrinkles and fine lines from within

Duration 30min|£60.00



Signature treatments


Skin Awakening

Unifies skin complexion, tightens pores and smoothes out face and neck wrinkles with a "new skin" effect

Duration 40min|£80.00


Cellular Stimulation

Drains toxins, lightens the complexion, refines skin texture while smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles on the face, neck and hands

Duration 75min|£150.00

Perfect Eyes & Lips

Smoothes wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, lifts the eyelids to enhance the look and replumps the lips

Duration 40min|£80.00


///Visible results after just 3 sessions


Endermologie ID Treatments


Duration 40min|


Your customized treatment:1 to 8 areas*

10 min, 20 min, 30 min, or 40 min

*WOMEN: Arms, Back, Waist, Stomach, Saddle bags, Buttocks, Thighs, Inner Thighs, Knees, and Calves

MEN:Arms, Back, Pecs, Waist, Stomach, Thighs



Specific Treatment


“Young Mum” treatment!

During 30 min, this protocol targets "critical" areas (stomach, waist, buttocks, thighs) to recover a harmonious silhouette while providing a real feeling of well-being

Duration 30min|£60.00


Signature Treatments

Fluid mobilization Treatment

Stimulates circulatory exchanges to fight water retention and drains toxins: skin is “reoxygenated”. For an immediate boost and sensation of lightness.

Duration 30min|£60.00


Unwinds areas with muscular tension, eliminates stress, and brings a profound sensation of relaxation. For body-mind balance.

Duration 30min|£60.00


An exceptional treatment that simultaneously stimulates adipocytes (slimming cells), fibroblasts (rejuvenating cells), and their environment for maximum effectiveness. Slim your body, and smooth away the appearance of cellulite.

Duration 50min|£100.00

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LPG Endermowear must be purchased and bought at every session when you are having a body treatment.


LPG FACE KIT                   £20.00

LPG Face Kit must be purchased and bought at every session when you are having a face treatment.