Environ Youth EssentiA Antioxidant Defence Crème Plus

SIZE: 35ml

This powerful moisturizing cream is enriched with several antioxidants that help to combat the effects of free radical damage. It also contains a dynamic combination of moisturizers that assist in improving the appearance of the skin, allowing it to feel softer and smoother while looking youthfully radiant.

Suitable for | All skin types, especially those with mature, sun-damaged skin. Can be used with other Environ product ranges as an added moisturizer.

Environ Youth EssentiA Antioxidant Defence Creme

  • • Antioxidant Defence Crème is rich in antioxidants, including vitamin C, vitamin E and Rosemary Leaf Extract to assist in protecting the skin against the effects of UV radiation, which helps minimize the signs of photo-aging induced by UV rays.

    • Helps nourish and hydrate the skin to create a healthy appearance.

    • Helps reduce the visible signs of aging by improving firmer appearance of the skin and preventing the effects of free radical damage, helping you to look younger for longer.